The BWPP is calling on all Balinese civil, business, political and spiritual people who depend on and benefit from Balis water, to take action in saving and protecting its freshwater.

Bali Water Protection Program

Bali Water Protection Program focuses on 

Diminishing and / or disappearing fresh water tables
Saltwater intrusion into freshwater aqufiers
Water quality / pollution issues


Adopt a Well in association with the university PNB. Build rainwater-fed gravity wells and filters which serve as rapid freshwater replenishment areas in 13 critical areas around Bali.

Groundwater recharge wells help raise the water table and restore balance within Bali's coastal areas. They are built and designed from locally available materials and are very easy to maintain.


Bali depends on its tirta and water to maintain the islands spririt and balance. The Bali Water Protection Program and Mantra provide partners the opportunity to adopt a well or river. The program engages with businesses and communities, providing educational tools and engineering solutions to restore balance in Bali. 

The BWP Experts Advisors Committee